Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Extreme Book Reviews - How Polar are These?

 I pride myself on honest reviews and have never asked family or friends to post reviews. The extreme nature of these two reviews is amazing and reflects diversity of opinion. How far diverse these are is an eye-opener. 

Both are about Drachar's Demons, the prequel to The Prophecy of the Kings. It is a free ebook and is available in many formats

The first review was: 

"First of all i was really looking forward to reading Drachar's Demons as i have read many fantasy books and i just love how they allow you to enter a whole new world and leave your own problems right outside for awhile.

This book has to quite honestly be one of the best Fantasy books that i have read in a long time!.It really kept me turning the pages (i had the just one more page syndrome) long after i should have gone to sleep and to me that is a sign of an excellent book right there.

The book truly has some epic battles and has so much of what makes a classic Fantasy and it really hits all the top notes.The whole visual world and in depth characters really do have u envisioning the action taking places and the people involved.

There is so much going on,love,betrayal,epic battles,adventure,revenge,survival,and some heartbreaking losses.So there is something for everyone.

The way the Authors write about how the characters feel about what is happening gives u a really good personal insight into their worlds,thoughts and feelings and really brings the characters to life.It's a very in depth and goes in to great detail about how it all happened.

it's easy to see how much David Andrew Burrows enjoyed writing this book and i think the passion that he puts in to his writing makes the reader enjoy it as much as he enjoyed writing it.

I'd definitely recommend :)"

The second was a bit more succinct:

"Do not I repeat, do not get this book. A retarded 5 year old could write better. This is terrible."

Both reviews can be found here Amazon reviews Drachar's Demons

I do hope more people fall in to category 1 than 2 but if in doubt - check my website for sample chapters and more reviews. Good reading.  :)

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