Saturday, 3 October 2020

100 Book Giveaway. Your Chance to Win an e-Book Copy of the Complete Prophecy of the Kings Trilogy


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Prophecy of the Kings by David  Burrows

Prophecy of the Kings

by David Burrows

Giveaway ends November 01, 2020.

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Click the above link to win an e-book copy of the Prophecy of the Kings. This offer is for the full trilogy comprising; Legacy of the Edric, Dragon Rider and Shadow of the Demon.
 Vastra, a self-professed sorcerer, a braggart, and a liar, seeks an Eldric talisman. His motives are his own, but his knowledge of the Eldric, an ancient race which mysteriously vanished from the land eons ago, hooks Kaplyn and persuades him to accompany the sour sorcerer. They are joined by Lars, shipwrecked and friendless, an outcast on the Allund shore. Their journey takes them to a mysterious tower, set with traps and reveals tantalising clues to the Eldric’s disappearance. As they travel, ever present, is the threat of a demon attack. People are very superstitious and garlands and trinkets ward against a possible threat, but the people are largely ignorant of their own history. Kaplyn learns from a reluctant Vastra that the demon threat is far more real than envisaged. Their quest to find the Eldric becomes both sinister and urgent. 

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