Monday, 23 October 2017

Jack The Giant Slayer

OK, as far as Fantasy films out there this is a bit of hokum, but actually a good fun. The giants are definitely the best bit and quite a bunch of characters there are too. With their manners, you certainly wouldn't want one cooking your dinner; a little too like the trolls in the Hobbit.

It is the usual tale of Jack and the Beanstalk but with some twists. The cast is good on the whole although Ewan McGregor gets a bit annoying after a while with his plum-accent. Eleanor Tomlinson simpers through the role nicely, but her co-star, Jack - Nicholas Hoult, could have been better cast as he comes across too nerdy/whimpy.

As I say, the best bits belong to the giants and it is worth watching just for these. It's a bit like the Minions in steroids and with attitude. Good fun, especially how Jack deals with the giant chieftain. Awesome.

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