Saturday, 3 December 2016

Fantasy Fans, Games and Virtual Reality. Are You Ready?

I enjoy reading fantasy and since Diablo have dabbled in some role playing games For me Diablo remains my favourite (excluding II and III), but I recently found Path of Exile. That's a very addictive game and like all the games in this genre part f the addiction is seeking new weapons and armour. Like most games, these are the Holy Grail and very rarely, if ever, drop, keeping you playing for hours in the vein hope of finding something. 

These games are a bit of fun and are great for fantasy fans fond of sorcery as well as sword. You get to clobber all sorts of monsters, many of which explode on dying -- probably taking your hero with them. 

In some respects, they are a waste of time and in other respects they are a bit of fun. Path of Exile is free which is a blessing, although you can buy things like Bloody Footprints. Why? I'm not too sure.

With the advent of virtual reality these sorts of games are likely to mushroom. However, what will it be like to play the main character and, of course, die? On recent TV programmes, I have watched others playing these games and how they duck when a swarm of killer-somethings fly straight at them. What that does to the nervous system, I'm not sure? It must be quite terrifying even though the graphics are surreal. Of course, as graphics and sophistication improve -- will be entering our own worst nightmares?

I have been in a historical re-enactment society for many years and have fought in a shield wall using weapons as real as any of the time (albeit blunt), faced cavalry charges and storms of arrows (Battle of Hastings), but even still these new virtual reality games leave me fearful. Facing dragons and demons in a gore-drenched clearing is more than my simple mind can take. I look forward to it with trepidation.

Image From The Unspoken - Insomniac Games

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