Thursday, 22 October 2015

One for Fantasy Fans - The Last Witch Hunter

I enjoyed this. It's got witches, which is always fun, and the big bad witch -- is truly bad. Vin Diesel takes on the role with the usual aplomb, hard man style and taking no prisoners.

The tale starts off in the past and then moves to the present. I liked the glimpse of the past and would have liked it to have stayed there. That part of the film is quite well done and the action gripping. In the transition to the future, some of that is lost. However, it wasn't disappointing, but it is one for fantasy fans mainly.

Michael Cain plays a priest looking after Vin Diesel's character and his role was a little too like Alfred in Batman. Elijah Wood has a part, but he features only a little and his role is a little wooden (pardon the pun). Fortunately he doesn't feature much.

Still -- it's quite good fun and I enjoyed it. Probably not memorable though.

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