Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Writing a Book: Author Branding

I read a lot of articles about this before I found one that made sense:

Your best brand is your name. Perhaps with hindsight I should have chosen something more distinctive or catchy --  Doc Burrows (yes I have a PhD), or Doctor David, or David J Burrows. Changing to a pen name may be useful if your name is taken on Facebook or Twitter. For me, unfortunately, on Twitter David Burrows was taken so I had to settle with DavidJBurrows which dilutes my brand. Again, this is where a pen name may be worth considering. Anyone tried that and found a problem?

Clearly your name should be linked to your genre, so on Google David Burrows Fantasy gets me a high hit rate. David Burrows Author also does quite well. I also make it some way into Fantasy Author as a Search Phrase.

Another brand is your title. Mine is Prophecy of the Kings as I have a trilogy. But, each book title is part of your brand.

The trick is then marketing and getting your name out there sufficiently to get people searching for you. That's the hard part.

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