Thursday, 15 January 2015

Robert Day's Demon Gates (Nexus Wars Saga #1)

Demon Gates (Nexus Wars Saga, #1)Demon Gates by Robert  Day
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this book. It started well and I liked the premise. Demons are usually high on my attention list and this book added some interesting diversions from the norm. The characterisation was well done and was interesting. There was some nice twists in the plot on occasions. I did find my attention waned briefly but then the story picked up and I felt the ending was good and certainly left me wanting to read more. I would liked to have given this and extra half point as I definitely found myself hovering close to a 4.


What the book's about.

Some folk say this is a coming of age tale and it is but that's not all the book is about. Others compare the book to dungeons and dragons and there is an element of that. I actually liked both elements so didn't see this as negative. The tale starts with Val, the main character, in an isolated village when Trolls attack. This was my favourite part and this was handled well with good description and pace. Val is forced from his home and I can see the parallel folk describe on leveling up as he progresses but again, I quite liked that. Demons threaten the land and portals blocking their access are breaking and Val is tasked with resealing the portals. Clearly, that the overall premise and book 1 barely touches on this aspect.

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