Friday, 28 November 2014

Mockingjay Part 1

I was warned in the paper that it was slow because it's one book split into two films. This seems to becoming the norm (apart from the Hobbit being 3 films of course).

I quite enjoyed the film nonetheless. It's quite moving and I was not sure what the story line would be outside of the arena as it were. Katmiss's character is handled well and I think the story line work well. Peeta is a bit annoying. Not sure about the actor in that role and in this film his character grates even more. Fortunately he's not in it much.

I still prefer the first film which had a shocking aspect about it that made it stand out from other films of this genre, warriors battling to the last man. The land seemed so bleak and that comes out even more in this film. Fortunately the action jolts you out of morbidity.

Overall I enjoyed it but be warned it is slow in parts. Looking forward to part 2 as it's building up to a climatic ending -- I hope.

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