Sunday, 9 November 2014

Initial Marketing Steps Having Written a Book: Giving a Presentation.

Once you have written a book and published it you will want to turn your thoughts to marketing. Giving a talk at your local library is one way of promoting your work. Above is a presentation I put together describing the process I went through as a self-published author and some of the pitfalls.

If you have read some of my blogs on Writing a Book, you will recognise many of the issues I raise, but it is fun putting it into a presentation and talking about these to an audience.

You will need to take copies of your books with you and put them on display. People will buy your books at these events. My audience was about 30 people and I sold about 5 copies. I am very honest and I did caution them that my books were fantasy and only to buy them if that was their preferred genre.

Giving a presentation can be daunting. I took my family with me and that helped to have friendly faces in the audience. Do not worry though, as the audience is usually very friendly and enjoy hearing about other people's experiences.

Try to add humour to the presentation. I added photographs and told how I was caught out by an unscrupulous literary agent and the FBI contacted me about them. That certainly generated some interest. I also told them about how I made my own books and had an example with me. I put the home made copy in a library and it was taken out on a regular basis, which was a great achievement for me.

Overall - it was fun and I would recommend doing this.

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