Sunday, 5 October 2014

Gorgeous Castle - Could be Straight form a Fantasy Tale.

Le ch√Ęteau de Ross

This castle is stunning and I love the reflection. It could be straight from some fantasy novel. Imagine the thoughts of some enemy commander having been sent to destroy the castle as he espies it for the first time. Very tall walls, an outer defence and a lake or at least a wide moat. No tunnelling under this monster. Ballistas and trebuchets would gain struggle due to the range. time to make a cup of tea (or some fantasy equivalent drink) sit back and decide whether to go home or not. Brilliant.


  1. That does look like a neat - and particularly defensible - castle. I think the main fortifications are even close enough to flying critters trouble landing. Dragons and griffons should be able t land behind that moat, but not behind the curtain wall. {GRIN, wink}

    1. Like your thinking, Anne! I was worried about dragons and griffins but feeling a bit more secure now.