Saturday, 6 September 2014

A fantasy book review - Wings of Wrath, by C. S. Friedman

Wings of Wrath (The Magister Trilogy, #2)Wings of Wrath by C.S. Friedman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this book although the ending felt sudden. That's the problem with kindle -- you don't know when you are approaching the end unless you glance to the page bar.

I wasn't motivated to read the book constantly which is a sign of a really good book. I could pick this one up, read a few pages and put it down. I recently read 6 books in a week and this one took me nearly two weeks. Having said that -- it is enjoyable but there's lots of padding. The tale continues from book 1 of the series, feast of Souls. I felt that was the better book as it introduced some distinctly new and fresh ideas.

Souleaters are a great fantasy creature, pretty much a dragon by another name, unless I am misunderstanding the tale. The King is pious and doesn't want to use Magisters or Witchcraft, but you get the sense that he may have to chose. Magisters are also a great creation, very singular people and very dark and territorial.  

Overall, a good read and I'm reading the final version next. legacy of Kings.

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