Saturday, 9 August 2014

Meaningless reviews? Are self-published authors deluding themselves rather than the readers

I just went on Goodreads and I was not pleased by a thread where most people are behaving and harmlessly (?) liking other people's 5 star reviews, but what caught my eye was:

"Since you seem to be the newest authors to post, I will connect with you. Here is the link to my books on Amazon. I just gave you a five star, XXXX. I hope you can do the same. Thanks in advance for your time!

ZZZZ - I don't see the 5 star option for yours - only the option to review the book. Do you have a link so I can rate yours without a review? I must be clicking on something incorrectly.
Thanks, YYYY" (Names omitted)

I'm not sure I agree with authors giving each other 5 star reviews. Have I misunderstood this?

All my reviews are very hard earned so I find this rather annoying. This is making the review process completely a waste of time!!


  1. I'm with you, David. This kind of thing insults those of us who would never dream of skewing reviews in our favor.

    1. I have to admit this has made me very annoyed. It's tarnished writing for the rest of us.

  2. It doesn't sound like you're missing much to me. {Sympathetic Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  3. I'm not sure that is even legal. I'd have to read the Amazon TOS. But yes, that is morally, if not technically, wrong.

    However, on the reverse side, I have seen on review blogs where reviewers themselves have asked for likes on their Amazon reviews. More likes = higher on the page = more trust = better exposure, so same basic principle.

    Makes it really hard on the rest of us, not to mention our potential followers, to determine who has the best book/review and who just has alot of friends and family and groupies.

    1. I agree, Mulluane, especially that it makes it difficult for good reviewers like yourself. Your site is excellent and I for one understand the hard work that you have put in.