Sunday, 13 July 2014

Writing a Book - Writers Block, Inspiration from Artwork

This picture is great inspiration for writing a tale. I love the frown on the statue. It's as if the stone knows it is submerged.

What is the story here? Dragons skimming a submerged statue -- a lost civilisation? Dragons now ruling over a dead planet? That's a little like the tale of my dragons in Prophecy of the Kings. Are the dragons forlorn? The lead one seems to be calling out. Is there a significance of the dragons being red? Are there blue dragons nearby and what would that lead to?? Why the flood water?

Pictures are a great way of inspiring a writer. So too is real life. Look out for events around you or clips from a newspaper. Inspiration is all around. Great way to break writer's block as well. Artists have truly amazing imagination.

The above is an example. Check out other artwork for example - here fantasy artwork and let your imagination run free. This can also be true for many other genres. Artwork can be a great source of inspiration for an author.

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