Saturday, 5 July 2014

Great Review - Drachar's Demons :)

Goodread's Review for Drachar's Demons from Alegna

If you like fantasy, magic, demons and the epic battle of good versus evil with an impending sense of doom, then this is the book for you!!!

When one of the Eldric makes contact with the demon world, Drachar is immediately banished and stripped from this powers so he will not do this evil deed again. Alas, it goes wrong and Drachar grows ever more powerful and darker. It is then up to the Eldric to fight Drachar and stop him before he goes too far.

Written with much detail into the vivid world of the Eldric, David Burrows engages the reader into a plot very few have written about and yet the concept is well known, selling your soul to the devil (or in this case demons).

Great book, David!

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