Friday, 4 July 2014

Gold Award - Prophecy of the Kings

Book Review 

Readers\' Favorite Book Contest Award WinnerReviewed by Anne B. for Readers' Favorite

David Burrows brings readers an adventure of epic proportions in The Prophecy of the kings Trilogy. The plot quickly draws the reader into the action of this novel. Burrows created a mystical world with equally mystical creatures, dragons, wizards, prophecies, demons, sorcery, and princes. The creatures come to life on the pages of The Prophecy of the Kings. The action in this book keeps readers eagerly turning the pages. Burrows successfully gave each character a distinct voice. The threads of three worlds are woven together to create an adventure filled with battles, journeys, allies, and enemies. The reader will go deep into the bowels of the earth haunted by the dead. They will accompany Kaplyn into a nightmare tower.

Book 1 Legend of Eldric sets the foundation for this trilogy. Prince Kaplyn is low on the line for the throne, and he is bored. He sets out to find adventure. Lars is bound for death when Kaplyn comes to his rescue. The pair assists a wizard in retrieving a pendant. They set in motion a prophecy that could destroy their world.

Burrows words are like magic. He paints a portrait on each page. Fans of fantasy know his name well. They know they can depend on an escape into another world when they read one of his books. Burrows never fails to please.

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