Thursday, 19 June 2014

Medieval Clock - Amazing

Imagine having this strapped to your wrist. It's amazing just how inventive our ancestors were. One in Exeter cathedral is 14 C, if memory serves. Incredible how far back clocks go - look at Stonehenge. Predicted both summer and winter with incredible accuracy.

This clock is in Prague. It was first installed in 1410 and is really an astronomical clock - so very like Stonehenge in many ways.


  1. The size is part of why they usually had one clock for the entire village, or neighborhood in larger settlements. That some did more than just tell time didn't help the size, but did mean they could make great entertainment centers as well as time-tellers. {SMILE}

    1. Too true. I've seen one in place in Bruge and it would have been visible from all around the town.

    2. I suspect that was completely deliberate. {SMILE, wink}