Saturday, 17 May 2014

Fantasy Dreams - Cooking

Cooking is not something you would consider in fantasy but in medieval times cooks were on the go all day long. At Hampton Court i saw a cooking pot built into the brickwork and the pot was so large it was never moved. Probably used a small child to clean it out once a year!!

The photo above is spits for roasting meat. One man would rotate two spits - each containing meat of about his own body weight

Above is a range of cooking pots and wood burners to cook with. Feeding a garrison must have been a nightmare.


  1. I have an Australian friend who cooks for the SCA with the old recipes, since feeding 100 at some of their meetings is about right anyway. {Smile}

    I'm not sure it takes her all day. It's hard to tell. She tends to brush off such cooking as too fun a challenge to count as work. {SMILE, wink}

    1. Kitchens seem so mundane but when you see a medieval kitchen it's more of a factory than a kitchen!! The SCA sounds like a hungry bunch!!

  2. Yeah, many branches of the SCA (Society For Creative Anachronism) seem to be known for eating heartily when they get together, my friend's included. {Smile, wink}.