Monday, 7 April 2014

Fantasy Dreams - Castles

This is a gorgeous castle. I like the smaller, inner towers to protect the main ones. That would be a desperate battle though if it got to that stage. Can't see anywhere to land a dragon though?!!

This one is beautiful, but a bit of a cheat. It's Bodium castle, I think and it was built quite late by castle standards. It was more of a stately home but impressive nonetheless. Inside is a shell which is a great shame given how well the walls are preserved.

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  1. Those are both nice castles. {Smile}

    I think that not having space to land a dragon would be a good defensive measure. True, friendly dragons would be limited in how they could bring in help if needed, but unfriendly dragons would be limited in how they could attack the castle. They couldn't easily drop off enemy troops to save them having to climb the outer walls. {Smile, wink}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin