Saturday, 22 March 2014

Fantasy Creatures/Beings - Prophecy of the Kings

Sorcerer. Wow. What to say. Definitely not wizards and never accuse a sorcerer of being a wizard. They use elementals as their source of power, that is until Drachar discovers the demon world, then the proverbial cat is amongst the pigeons. They may use a kara-stone but to them it is an interesting bauble rather than a source of power. It takes courage being a sorcerer. Summoning demons is not without danger!

Wizard. Often frustrated that their power is so limited. Magic is within them, like having a well within which magic can be filled. The well is incomplete and magic slowly seeps from it. If a wizard finds a kara-stone, then it’s a different story. Kara-stones can also contain magic, but much more than any individual. Is a wizard with a kara-stone equal in power to a sorcerer. That’s not a wise question to raise out loud and is likely to result in a bloodbath.


  1. That's an interesting contrast. I don't remember seeing wizards and sorcerers handled quite that way before. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    1. I felt there should be a difference as they have different names. I liked the limitations it put on each side and how they develop, sorcerers use elementals originally and then progress to more powerful demons - whereas wizards need to find very rare kara-stones to gain more power

    2. I like that you made wizards and sorcerers different. I'm particularly interested in how you made them different. I haven't seen them divided that way before. {Smile}

      Anne Elizabeth Baldwin