Thursday, 20 February 2014

My Experiences Book Signing at Demoncon

Here's I am at Demoncon with my new roller poster. Very good value and very good printing. I was amazed by all the other roller posters. Brilliant kit for attracting attention.

It's a long day when you are book signing and I was surprisingly tired afterwards. I was armed with business cards, flyers and reviews and many of these disappeared swiftly. Many thanks to all those people who came across to talk to me. I hope my fantasy garb didn't put too many off. It's my Saxon kit from re-enactment and I need to make some changes to make it look more like fantasy than Saxon, so any suggestions welcome. A pendant to ward off demons would be a good start. 

If you haven't been to a convention like this before, it's worth attending. The costumes are amazing and very well done. It's very light hearted and fun. I'm definitely game to try another event. More fantasy next time rather than SciFi, perhaps. Any suggestions?

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