Saturday, 15 February 2014

Fantasy Creatures by David Burrows

Imp. An imp is a lesser demon and their power is limited, hence they resort to spreading illness and plague. However, they are also a useful conduit to their more powerful brethren. Very nasty creatures on the scale of things. Avoid at all cost and you very soul may be jeopardy!

Kara-stone. These are very rare and many ponder where they originated from. Rumour has it that they are the essence of a magic user when they die. Other rumours are they are the remains of a Kalanth. Wizards use them to enhance their abilities, by storing magic within them.


  1. Honestly, I'm really enjoying the posts about fantasy creatures and their origins. I'm always scouring the Internet for new, interesting creatures....Thx!

  2. You are very kind. It's not the creatures that are interesting but how the author uses them in their tale. Imps and demons are nothing new, but a tale can give them new life. I like your site, by the way :)