Friday, 20 December 2013

Why is the Moon Upside Down?

I recently noticed the moon was upside down. No - I am not intoxicated, nor am I suffering from madness (currently). Over the last three mornings I have definitely noticed something is not quite right with the moon. The usual face (the eyes being very large craters) is inverted.

I tried to take a photo but my camera on my phone was not up to the job and the resulting image was too small. Now, being a scientist, I deduced that the refraction of light at a low angle might invert the image. But, this would need a shallow angle and the moon on both occasions was about 30 degrees from the horizontal.

So, am I cracking up? Is the moon really upside down. I did a search on Google and was surprised by the amount of emails on the subject, much of it in 2012. So, have i been unobservant and the phenomena has been around for a while? unfortunately most the Google conversation didn't make much sense, so I am at a loss.

Anyone know the answer to this - and before confirming refraction, please have a look and confirm that the angle looks wrong.

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