Sunday, 29 December 2013

Four Brilliant Reviews and Many Thanks; Reasons to Read The Prophecy of the Kings.

The following are genuine reviews from Fantasy Blog Sites and, if you are a fantasy fan, these are four very good reasons to check out The Prophecy of the Kings;
"Shadow of the Demon is triumph of high fantasy, a rich, rewarding end to a phenomenal series and should not be missed."

"The trilogy is a highly enjoyable series of books to read. If you were looking for comparisons in style and substance then the late Professor Tolkien and the wonderful Robin Hobb would come close."

"I can recommend this book to readers who enjoy reading traditional epic fantasy stories, because it's among the best new traditional fantasy books published during the recent years."

"What it had is one heck of a good story. What it had was demons and dragons, sword and sorcery, danger and strife. What it gave me was the type of story I did not want to put down and when I did, I looked forward to returning because I wanted to know what could possibly happen next."

This is the reason why I wrote my novels, to bring people enjoyment. Check out sample chapters and more reviews, or buy the books at

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