Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Comparisons to Tolkien's Epic Works

Occasionally some people compare my books to Tolkien's work. e'g.

Clearly, that is a massive tribute, but I always take any comparison like that with a hefty pinch of pixie dust. Deep down though I am very (nervously) pleased. However, I can see such a comparison producing much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

One of the reasons I wrote my books was because, at the time, it was so very difficult to find anything even remotely similar in vein to Tolkien's fantastic books. Those works are truly amazing and have a grandeur that spans an eternity. I was especially enthralled by the Silmarillion. That is a massive novel and it amazes me that he created that world simply to make the Hobbit and lord of the Rings believable.

I was deeply upset when I typed Silmarillion and movie to find links to supposed movie pages, only to find it was a debate about whether Jackson would ever make this epic movie. Wow - what a challenge that would be. Bring it on, I say. To watch Beren hold out his arm and declare words to the effect, behold in my hand I hold a Silmaril - would have me reaching for a tissues. I also loved the tale of Turin Turinbar. That tale is so dark and sorrowful and yet at the same time moving. I would love to see the High Elves marching for the first time in Middle Earth as the sun rises for the first time, and flowers bloom beneath their marching feet. Then there's Glaurung, the first dragon, and Ungoliant, Shelob's distant relative.

I can but dream.

Anyway, have a look at the sample chapters on my website and check out the reviews. Although there might be a loose similarity many readers say I have a distinctive style and my world is unique. I do hope that is the case and whilst I am flattered by the comparison I know it is an impossible height  to strive for. Still, I hope that I can bring enjoyment to my readers.

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