Friday, 8 November 2013

Brilliant. Really Excellent Review - Thanks

Check this out at,+Heroes+and+Wizards)

Wow. This was a pleasant surprise. What a really nice review and so eloquently put. I especially liked the analogy about sitting around a camp fire telling a tale. I take part in Saxon/Viking re-enactment ( so that particularly appealed to me. I felt this was a very honest review.

"What I liked. I struggled with this book/series a bit. Not because I did not like it, but because I did - alot. But why did I like it exactly? It had no deep lovably flawed characters like Robin Hobb's stories, nor did it give me the warm fuzzy feeling I'd get from reading Anne McCaffrey. It didn't even have witty repartee like a David Eddings novel. Then I realized it. It was so simple. What it had is one heck of a good story. What it had was demons and dragons, sword and sorcery, danger and strife. What it gave me was the type of story I did not want to put down and when I did, I looked forward to returning because I wanted to know what could possibly happen next.

And did I mention the dragon? Oh yes, I got my dragon. A glorious, powerful, magnificent beast it was too."

I have a growing list of excellent reviews and several of these are from reputable Fantasy blog reviewers. This review in particular meant a lot to me. Brilliant :)

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