Saturday, 30 November 2013

Atlantis - Has the BBC sunk itself over this?

This is a pivotal year in the BBC's history. 50 years of Dr Who and the longest running science fiction series. The BBC have produced some pretty good programmes over the years and I admit to finding Merlin quite quaint. However, what were they thinking with Atlantis? It purports to be a modern day chap (Jason) falling into the sea and awakening in the mythical city of Atlantis. OK - fantasy, so no problem there.

However, they could have spent some money on a script! The plots to date have been pretty dire. They pick a topic, OK this week they will fight in an arena, and that is it. They fight in an arena. That's the plot. It's hardly compelling stuff. Jason seems quite wooden and barely passes surprise when he is introduced to Medusa. Wow, isn't that the women with the snake hair? OK - I know that bit hasn't happened yet! This week's episode is Pandora's box so I can see some pretty neat links growing here. However, last week's plot on the Sirens was simply about gusts of wind for all I could see so I am not holding my breath over Pandora's box. (Don't open it chaps!)

I think this programme is a great shame when taken into account this is Dr Who's 50th anniversary. It epitomises the low standards to which the BBC has fallen. If only the CEO would give up his £600k salary (Did I say £600k? I'm sure I read that somewhere) then they could afford to pay a script writer, or three, or 20 even! Then there's the CEO's toadies, the managers, the senior managers and the managers sub-managers. Goodness, are we the tax payer footing all that? And then there's the repeats. Well how else do they pay for the CEO? BBC2 has about 90% repeats on a Saturday. That's jaw-dropping. So where does all the saved money go? Atlantis? have you seen the costumes and then there's the script. we seem to be back to the start.

Finally, Atlantis - prime time telly??! What! Surely it's a kids programme. No doubt the BBC will tell us that it's on late as most 10 year old like to watch it before snorting coke and going down a nightclub. Myself, I think I'll start reading.


  1. Sounds like the series could use some polishing. Fortunately, there are plenty of great books out there to read!

  2. Good to hear from you, Elf :)