Monday, 7 October 2013

X-factor or Blub Factor?

OK - I understand it is emotional, but get a grip. X Factor seems to be as much a competition nowadays about crying as singing. I am getting fed up with the judges phrase, "And what would this mean to you?". Out rolls the, "It mean everything. I couldn't go back to my job like normal humdrum people. I want to live the life of a mega rock star and never have to work again."

Hey guys, we normal people also want these things. I too want to live in Antigua and spend all day on the beach.

But back to the crying. It seems that contestants cry before the event, during and after. It is a singing competition and not a crying competition. Perhaps it is both and I missed the plot? What is happening to the British stiff upper lip. Men crying as well as woman? OK men have to show their softer side, but after announcing it means everything to me, when they are finally kicked off most seem cheerful enough and often quote, I'm pleased to have gotten this far.

How annoying is the incessant pleading? If they put as much effort into singing as pleading they would all do very well. They also need to understand that there is only one winner and already there are clear signs of a top 2-3 potentially individual good vocalists. All this pleading to get to the next stage only means they have to plead the following week to get to the next episode and it really is becoming a pain to watch.  Yes, there is an off button but the singing is entertaining, sort of.

OK there is some good talent, but they can't all be mega stars. Even past winners slip silently from the stage within a year or two and one of the most successful was probably Olly Murs and he didn't even win X Factor!

Please guys, show some decorum. Stop pleading, whining, crying and general hand wringing. It really is unnecessary.


  1. Wow, somebody's cranky! Obviously the folks who film these things think that the audience wants to be subjected to all of this angst...unfortunately, talent and desire to succeed don't necessarily go together in these competitions. We use the fast forward feature (this is why we don't watch the show live) and skip a lot of the filler because EVERYONE has had obstacles to overcome and you're right, it is supposed to be a talent show.

  2. Yes, I was (am) cranky. Visit to the hospital looming does that to you, especially when you have to be within 50 m of a loo!! :)