Saturday, 6 July 2013

Excellent Reviews - Many Thanks

Two sets of reviews fresh in. Reviews are incredibly helpful for Indi Authors so many thanks to Ian and Louise.

"The Prophecy of the Kings trilogy is a sweeping adventure with an epic feel to it - a world of magical happenings and fantastic creatures, but all the while with a darker edge to it at times and some elements of horror and suspense. It is a trilogy that I enjoyed so much that I have re-read it, and I still remember how moved I was on first reading the dramatic and emotional climax to the story."


"I  loved this book. A great story which has all the elements readers look for in a Fantasy novel. More than just another Fantasy trilogy, this book takes the reader to more than just 'another world'. The reader is transported to another realm and once there discovers new worlds. This story should not be underestimated. Initially the tale is a simple story of a young man embarking on a 'coming of age' journey. Without a hiccough the traveller finds himself drawn into a complex and intriguing situation involving distorted time and other magic! Don't take my word for it - read it for yourself! You're bound to enjoy David Burrows' books if you like Fantasy."

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