Saturday, 4 May 2013

Prophecy of the Kings - a Brief Synopsis. Read my book.

Drachar's Demons is set 500 years prior to the Prophecy of the Kings. The premise of both tales is that in 500 year cycles the worlds come sufficiently close for demons to cross the great Divide. Drachar is an Eldric Lord and he forms an alliance with the demons in exchange for souls. One hundred thousand to be exact. His people find out and it becomes a race to stop him and counter the growing demon threat. The Krell Wars end this period of history and bizarrely the Eldric vanish from the land, the entire race and with them depart their Narlassar Sorcerers who were so important in countering the demon threat.

Prophecy of the Kings is set 440 years after the Krell Wars. There are growing signs that demons are crossing the Divide, but people are unwilling to face the growing threat. History is not documented and the Eldric, who would have been more knowledgeable, have mysteriously vanished. The scene is set for a cataclysmic clash of powers for the Tree of Life is found and on its fossilised branches are crystals containing the essence of pure magic. With one, a permanent gateway to the demon world can be opened and all the forces of Hell let loose on the world.

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