Sunday, 21 April 2013

Olympus has Fallen versus Oblivion

Olympus Has Fallen is a very entertaining film. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The suspense is good and the attack on the White House is really well done and more than a little bit scary. Overall, the film is a little like Die Hard in some respects, but it's still very entertaining. The ending has some flaws but nothing too detracting. It has a lot of action which tallies well with the script. Bit worrying that North Korea are the bad guys, especially at such a fragile time. It is also worrying that it may give them some ideas. Interesting to note the Brits sacked the White House in 1812. Naughty people!

Oblivion has some pretty poor reviews but i enjoyed it. It's quite slow at times but the story is interesting and enjoyable. Tom Cruise plays the part well, despite a lot of criticism from some reviews. It tries to have a shock revelation but it's not in the same league as 6th Sense. The sheer scale of the film definitely is mind numbing. The effects make up for a thin script. Having said that it is enjoyable, but probably mainly for Sci Fi fans.

Of the two I preferred Olympus Has Fallen.

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