Saturday, 13 April 2013

25th Wedding Anniversary - Sorrento

Just come back from Sorrento, Italy. It's our 112th wedding anniversary, in wife years of course.

Pompeii is amazing. The spot above was very tranquil, a peaceful spot give the violent history of the location. It's hard to visit without remembering all the people who lost their lives, but it is an amazing archaeological site. The ruins are fantastic and show how well some Romans lived, with their central heating and rich lifestyles. Some of the remains are unbelievably well preserved, given they are nearly 2000 years old.
Sorrento itself was gorgeous. The whole area is a mixture of steep cliffs and buildings perched precariously upon them. The roads are dreadful. We went on the Amalfi Drive which everyone recommends. Really interesting (in terms of twisty one way roads) and stunning views. Well worth a visit.

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