Saturday, 23 March 2013

Short synopsis - Legacy of the Eldric

The The legacy of the Edric (book 1 of the Prophecy of the Kings) is a moving story that's been described as bitter sweet. It follows Kaplyn, an Allund prince, who naively seeks an adventure before the tedium of court destroys him. He is swept into a furious cascade of events that sees his life completely upturned. A sorcerer, Vastra, recruits him to seek an Eldric talisman, but Vastra is greedy and lusts for power. Their journey traces the route the Eldric took hundreds of years ago and ends deep in the heart of a mountain where an ancient power resides. A cataclysm of forces disrupts the very foundation of the worlds and a rent in the fabric of space allows the spirit of a dead emperor to cross the Divide. Not content with destroying one world his ghostly gaze now alights on another.

Read the reviews at There are some really good reviews to date and all are very much apprciated.

If you've read it - post a review on Amazon.

Good reading, David

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