Sunday, 3 March 2013

Ghostly goings on, on Rannoch Moor

I love ghost stories. I remember telling ghostly tales with my brother, sister and friends when I was about 7, in my grandparents' caravan. Being young we were very gullible. However, are we any less gullible now we are older?

I spent a few nights in a school on Rannoch Moor when I did my Gold Duke of Edinburgh award. My room, shared with 4 others, was succinctly named hell room. No idea why and apart from my early childhood I never let ghosts worry me too much.

However, in the middle of the night I awoke and looked out to the centre of the room and was convinced someone was kneeling there in prayer. It was dark and my eyesight is dreadful! I have worn glasses since I was seven and I don't deny I can't see without my glasses. What I was looking at, in the dark, was a shadowy shape with light patches where a face and hands might be. It was too short to be someone standing, so I had convinced myself that they were kneeling.

I reached out for my glasses, but as my hand hovered over them I decided it was just as likely to be a rucksack with a white towel on top. That's how bad my eyesight is. The object was in the centre of the room a few paces from the end of my bed.

I decided I was being foolish and went back to sleep without taking a proper look. The strange part is,  in the morning there was nothing at the end of my bed. Nothing at all in the middle of the room. I asked the others about it and they had not moved anything. Now, I've freely admitted that my eyesight is bad, but I can see an object especially something at the foot of my bed. I may not be able to tell what it is, but I can see the shape. Spooky! Especially with the room being named hell room. Anyone who went to the school, was there a reason for that name?

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  1. I think I would have had to put my glasses on...or I would definitely NOT have gone back to sleep, lol.