Saturday, 30 March 2013

Gardening "not to do" tips

Gardening yesterday.

In one morning I broke;

  • An axe handle 
  • My garden loppers
  • A tine on my garden fork. It now has only two! Not sure it should be called a garden fork any more!! 
I'm not very good at gardening but very good at breaking stuff!! OK I admit I was digging up a tree root the size of a small tree, but the garden fork did have a 15 year guarantee. Now, only if I could find the receipt.

I was going to replace the handle of my axe but my wife put it out with the cat litter. After much debate I felt a new axe was in order.

1 comment:

  1. Well...I have seen forks with only two tines but I can't see that it will be much use in your garden in that shape. Sometimes stores can look up the purchase if it was made by credit card (at least over here). Sorry to read that you are having such difficulties...perhaps there is an enchantment on that tree (or a guardian) and this is a message to you, lol.