Sunday, 10 March 2013

Best ghost story - York

The best ghost story I heard was a chap working in the crypt at York. I visited York fairly often and stayed in many bed and breakfast places over the years and on one occasion I believe I stayed in one owned by his  mum. Anyway, an excellent tale.

As I said the chap was working in the crypt. He stopped work when a file of Roman soldiers appeared out of a wall and marched past him. He reported being very afraid and felt that if he said something they would have seen him. The strange thing was, he could only see them from their knees upwards.

OK so it's another ghost tale. What makes this interesting is when he described the uniforms and shields an expert was able to tie it down to a specific legion. Also, in excavation I believe they showed the road surface was a foot or two below where the workman was working, hence only see the soldiers from the knees up.

Apologies if I don't have all the details on this, That's the problem with second hand tales. If anyone can fill us in... Better still if you have a tale to tell add it in the comments.

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