Saturday, 9 February 2013

My goodness - that was close!

Wow. I went to get petrol, parked at the garage, filled up and then went in to pay. I spent a while queueing and paying and then went out. To my shock my car started to move towards me. Confused, I peered inside assuming someone was stealing it. It was dark. Spookily there was no one at the wheel. I walked towards and to one side of the car, realising it was picking up speed. There was about ten feet to a metal bollard and a chap standing besides that unaware of an out of control car rushing towards him, for now it had built up speed.

Like in a cowboy gunfight I raised the keyfob and unlocked the car, throwing myself bodily at the door and ripping it open. Not a  moment too soon I leapt inside and pulled the handbrake full on. What a numpty brain! The hand brake was on, but not fully.

I was shocked but relieved. the chap standing by the bollard was staring into space, still blissfully unaware that he had nearly been run down. It was very spooky how the car had started moving just as I came out of the shop. If it had happened while I was in the shop I would have had expensive repairs! It was also bizarre that the forecourt has only a marginal slope. A chap at work suggested that it was the brakes cooling down that caused the time lag. Good explanation  What a relief though, not to have crashed whilst not driving. Anyone else done something similar?

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