Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Wydregrove, a Civil War fictional tale

Without spoiling the tale, it's set in modern times and the hero has just returned from Afghanistan. He is a US marine and his life at home is falling apart. He travels with a mate to the UK to take part in an English Civil War re-enactment and finds himself transported back in time to the actual period. This is not a new concept but the author adds his own dimension to this and does so well. The tale has its surprises and romps along well.

This was an entertaining read. Reasonably well written and the plot was interesting. Well worth a read. The flash backs to the modern conflict in Afghanistan were realistic and made the tale believable. The Civil War period felt real, although it's not my period so I can't comment on the historical accuracy apart from the fact that it felt right.

Overall, an enjoyable romp. It is cleverly intertwined with events linking US history to those in the English Civil War. An interesting thought.

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