Saturday, 10 November 2012

Author kills garden shed

Wow. I feel guilty. The axe was in my hand and what could I do? The shed had to go! There's something strangely liberating about destruction. The moment I started tearing into the shed, ripping it apart with a crow bar and smashing rotten planks with an axe, I felt like a marauding Mongol in one of Genghis Khan's armies. I should do this more often. Only problem is - only 1 shed left. Strangely, I sense that tremor each time I walk past. That didn't save the last shed though!

The problem is - it now doesn't look very aesthetic. Gone is the geometric symmetry.  It's a lot shorter than it used to be be and I suspect a bit wider. Gone also is the functionality. Nothing seems to fit inside it any more. Humph.

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