Sunday, 2 September 2012

What motivated me to write Prophecy of the Kings

There were three motivations to my writing Prophecy of the Kings;

1. As with many folk, Tolkien inspired me, not with Lord of the Rings, but the Silmarillian. That was an excellent tale. After reading it I felt greatly inspired. It's a sweeping tale and unlike Lord of the Rings it covers many generations. If you haven't read it and are a fan of Tolkien - it's well worth a read, although many folk do find it hard to get into.
2. I had an initial scene in mind and I wrote a couple of pages about that scene. I showed this to a friend and every time we met he asked how my book was coming along. After a while I really felt I ought to start putting pen to paper seriously.
3. Having written an initial scene, I wanted to know what happened next. This may seem odd, but I had absolutely no idea how the scene came about nor what came next. This was a real motivator, creating characters and sending them into peril, but then wanting to know what happened next. I hadn't plotted out the tale and so it was a real learning process. I went for months not knowing where the plot was going and stuck at a cliff hanger. It was fascinating when inspiration finally struck and the tale continued to the next sticking point. My  initial scene ended up being the end of book 1 in the tale, Legacy of the Eldric.
I really enjoyed creating the world and characters and hope you enjoy reading the tale.



  1. Well, that answers the question as to whether you are a 'pantser' or a 'plotter' when you write!

  2. Pantser? I understand plotter but never heard of pantser. That's definitely a new one for me.

  3. Someone who writes 'by the seat of their pants'...I think you sit in front of the keyboard and just let the ideas flow...