Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sex talk and fantasy novels

Been thinking about introducing sex on my blog to boost my audience. Now, I want you all to imagine me topless as I write my novels. Nothing too tasteless to start off with. Just sitting in front of my laptop creating fantasy novels. Now, if no one has been too sick...

Perhaps that would make a good Poll. To have folk vote whether I should keep my clothes on or not. No doubt many folk will pay for me to remain clothed. I was amused by the recent Sherlock Holmes' film when Stephen Fry appeared naked, with the very old butler trying to serve him his afternoon tea. If nothing else it made for good comedy.

Please feel free to vote by commenting below.


  1. Ermmm...not sure we should get started on this subject...then we might have to move on to what the reader is/not wearing while reading the post...and...given that I am in quite a different temperature zone than you are...well, let's use your imagination to produce something more the next book!

  2. Thanks Elf. You have a point, I wasn't thinking about the climate and with autumn upon us UK is definitely not the place to be bearing all. Only a few more hits on the blog though, I thought it would sky rocket!