Tuesday, 29 May 2012

UK Tax and government pension issues

Ouch. I just sat down and worked out how much Tax we generally pay in the UK on our hard earned money. The tax burden has always been bad in the UK but it has grown beyond all proportions. If I include national insurance, and then include 20% VAT on pretty much everything I buy (excluding Cornish pasties - thanks George), council tax and taxes on fuel - I calculate that I pay over 50% in tax. Half my pay gone! All those folk out there that are bitter about UK government suddenly deciding to reduce pensions because of austerity measures need to factor in that we pay over 50% in tax. I'm a little surprised the Unions (NUT, NASUWT) haven't latched on to this fact!

How do other countries fare?

It's a good thing fantasy novels exist to take our minds off the mess that politicians leave behind!!

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