Thursday, 23 May 2019

Wonderful and Heartfelt Review

January 27, 2018
I received this book via the Author's Den for an honest review. Entering with an open mind and a full day to read. Yes an entire 8 hours devoted to reading.I was not disappointed in the world that was created nor the author's style of writing. Five out of Five stars.
From the very first sentence of page one it grabs you. The attention to detail is amazing and the reader can immerse themselves into the world that is being created. Just the right amount of death, Magic intrigue.
Absolutely perfect from start to finish.

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Losing weight. What a con.

Been exercising all my life but have been putting weight on recently having switched from jogging too gym. I was told going to the gym doesn't lose you weight as it converts fat to muscle. Not sure how true that is but my experience is not good. I topped my heaviest yet despite twice a week at the gym including swimming. I spend 20 minutes on the cross trainer, then go on a circuit around the exercise room, followed by a 15 minute swim. Having put weight on I decided to try harder at the gym and to swim further. The next day I had added 2 lbs. Shocking.

I have now given up with the cross trainer and started running on the treadmill. Not sure if this will help. Perhaps getting heavier is an age thing or perhaps I have swallowed a micro black-hole. In any event, keep trying. Porky.

Anyone else struggling? Any tips?

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Free Book for Christmas

Download Drachar's Demons. A fantasy novel that has received some great reviews. It is FREE in many formats. Visit'sdemons

Read reviews here -

Remember it is FREE to download and would make a great Christmas gift.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Drachar's Demons - Free ebook on Nook, Kindle, itunes or Kobo

Download Drachar's Demons FREE and read believable fantasy by David and Andrew Burrows. A great tale that will hold you spellbound to the very last page. Download either Nook (Barnes Noble), i tunes, Kindle (Smashwords) or in Kobo format. (Tell Amazon it is free on these sites and Amazon may make their Kindle edition free.)

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Drachar is a ruthless and ambitious sorcerer who will stop at nothing to wreak revenge against those who betrayed him. From a lowly, although arrogant Eldric lord to commander of the most deadly army the land has ever seen, he pitches relentless hordes of powerful soul devouring demons against his own people, the Eldric.

Fierce battle is to commence and all in its path must fight or risk their soul being sent screaming from their twitching corpses. Madness tears at Drachar, a constant reminder of what should happen if he fails in his bloody pact; delivering one hundred thousand souls to the demons in exchange for the greatest of power. The Eldric must learn to summon demons of their own to stand any chance against Drachar’s deadly arsenal of krell, demons and grakyn.

Magic and swords clash together in a war of such catastrophic proportions that the world will be forever stricken. Join Drachar the outcast as he rises to omnipotence. The die are cast and events are set in motion that look set to destroy the world. 

The race is on for war threatens; a war like no other for sorcerer will battle sorcerer and demon set against demon.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Russian Orc Joke

Heard about the Orc with a bad cold...

He's called Ivor Chestycov

Monday, 16 July 2018

Another Orc Joke

As fantasy fans will know, Orcs travel in groups known as bands. Unless of course they have a strings section, in which case they are an orc-estra. 😊

Submitted by Fred Baer

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Great Ending to the Trilogy: Wings of the Storm by Giles Kristian

Wings of the Storm (The Rise of Sigurd, #3)Wings of the Storm by Giles Kristian
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great fun throughout and the ending certainly impresses. There are some nice twists to the plot and how Sigurd builds his army is great fun. The author has a devious mind. I really enjoyed the series and the description of the period felt very real. Life was hard and those that went Viking, raiding, certainly lived on a knife edge. It was very easy to raid poor farmers at little cost to life and limb, but the rewards were clearly limited, so Vikings had to aim higher. This comes across very well in this tale and I particularly liked it when Sigurd's crew raided a poor farmstead and then ended up defending him against a more malevolent crew.

The ending is not clear cut and the fighting is very hard which makes for a good tale.

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