Friday, 8 December 2017

Writing a Book: The Importance of a Web Banner

It is useful having a web banner and this can double up as a banner on Facebook. Mine is 900x250 pixels, approximately. A web banner is an image so all the text is converted to an image. You can play around with lots of different fonts this way and these are displayed correctly as it is an image. Some fonts are not converted very well otherwise.

My final attempt was helped along by a colleague and I think he helped me create a much more atmospheric banner. As you can see we added atmosphere by having a woodland background and also by changing the font. I got the mage from an excellent free website

As opposed to the original

I hope you agree that the first is a definite improvement 😊 Your thoughts are welcome. My drawing package is Serif Drawplus 5 which is a bit dated now. 

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Friday, 10 November 2017

Are Men Doomed?

Dr Who -- a woman!! There goes my childhood. She doesn't even have that quirky dress sense that most Drs had.

To me Dr Who will always be William Hartnell. I didn't remember him very well as I was a bit too young, but it was his series that introduced the Daleks and they scared the begeebers out of me. The way people turned into skeletons when EXTERMINATED was awesome. It worked oddly well in black and white and perhaps less so in colour.

Anyway, if the world no longer needs a male Dr Who then are men doomed? Perhaps the Daleks weren't needed after all to destroy mankind. Love the boots though.

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Wanton Destruction - Never Give a Man an Axe

Wow. I feel guilty. The axe was in my hand and what could I do? The shed had to go!

There's something strangely liberating about destruction. Is this a man thing? Is it because I may have Viking genes? The moment I started tearing into the shed, ripping it apart with a crow bar and smashing rotten planks with an axe, I felt like a marauding Mongol in one of Genghis Khan's armies. I should do this more often. The only problem is - there is only 1 shed left in my garden. Strangely, I sense that tremor each time I walk past. That didn't save the last shed though!

Shed murderer, I hear you say. Bring it on!

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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Penny Dreadful. Oh Dear!

Season 1 for me was well...dreadful. It was long winded and dull. However Season 2 is far better. The tale of witchcraft has brought the series alive. This programme had all the hallmarks to be great with vampires, witches, monsters etc. However, Series 1 seemed to lack for a story line. It was as if the produces had thought, as an example -- let's do an episode on possession and the story line was pinched from The Omen. There were dull moments where too much emphasis was placed on convincing the audience about the passage of time.

However, in Season 2 there is much more action. I was worried though, that Frankenstein's female monster would be a rehash of previous tales but so far the tale is developing nicely along its own path. I like the way Frankenstein, Dorian Gray and other notary characters flit in and out of the tale. It's like meeting a long lost friend...or at east an unfriend, as these characters are so mixed up and likely to do you harm.

OK I am well behind most people on these Seasons but if you are like me and uncertain whether it is worth watching, it is worth a try.

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Monday, 23 October 2017

Jack The Giant Slayer

OK, as far as Fantasy films out there this is a bit of hokum, but actually a good fun. The giants are definitely the best bit and quite a bunch of characters there are too. With their manners, you certainly wouldn't want one cooking your dinner; a little too like the trolls in the Hobbit.

It is the usual tale of Jack and the Beanstalk but with some twists. The cast is good on the whole although Ewan McGregor gets a bit annoying after a while with his plum-accent. Eleanor Tomlinson simpers through the role nicely, but her co-star, Jack - Nicholas Hoult, could have been better cast as he comes across too nerdy/whimpy.

As I say, the best bits belong to the giants and it is worth watching just for these. It's a bit like the Minions in steroids and with attitude. Good fun, especially how Jack deals with the giant chieftain. Awesome.